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5 votes
7 answers

Typing Russian on an English keyboard

I have only a standard English (qwerty) keyboard on my computer. Can anyone recommend a convenient method (free software or something else) by which I can use my keyboard to type the Cyrillic ...
14 votes
13 answers

Does anyone know of a simpler way to add accents to Cyrillic vowels than what is typically found online?

Not too long ago, I found a web page that gave instructions for adding accent marks to Cyrillic vowels. Unlike many other instructions I have seen, these were beautifully simple in that you typed the ...
0 votes
3 answers

Offline keyboard program for typing Russian and then cut-and-pasting?

Can someone recommend a Windows program runnable offline that allows Russian characters to be typed and then cut-and-pasted into other programs, such as for example a text editor or browser? I would ...
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