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As a student learning Ukrainian, should I also concurrently learn Russian? Or wait and tackle them separately?

I am currently a college student and taking Ukrainian (elementary/intermediate). This is my first time learning any Slavic language, and I'm often asked why I chose to learn Ukrainian rather than ...
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Rendering of names in East Slavic languages

I've noticed that when rendering the name of a person from one East Slavic language to another, it's usually changed to the native spelling of the target language. For example, the name "Vladimir ...
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Why is Ukrainian name "Володимир" translitterated to "Volodymyr" instead of "Volodimir"?

I always thought Cyrillic character "И" -> "I" while "Й" -> "Y" If this is true, shouldn't the translitteration be "Volodimir"? What am I ...
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Instrumental of manner in Russian?

Recently I stumbled accross a definition of how to use the Instrumental in Russian. It is very detailed and lays out very many different possibilities in a systematic way. It talks about the "...
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