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Миш, Кать, Ань, пап, мам — what is it in an address?

When I am addressing someone and say: Кать, приходи в гости в воскресенье is Кать just a spoken reduction of Катя, or is it a separate grammatical form?
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Can we call forms like "Зин", "Дим", "мам", "пап" vocative case?

Why Russian is usually said to have only six cases, while most Slavic languages have seven? The missing one - the vocative (звательный падеж) - is however clearly present, at least in the colloquial ...
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Examples of nouns in vocative case in usage

I know that there is a remnant of the vocative case in Russian (concerning mainly religious words), which is not often mentioned in textbooks. So far I know the religious vocatives "Боже!", "Иисусе!"....
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