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Pronunciation and IPA transcription of "Нева"

I learned different grammar rules. Regarding vowels I learned the rule that there is an "j" added / vowels are spoken with a j if: in the beginning of a word (like яблоко [jáblaka]) after a ...
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How exactly do we pronounce soft vowels (е, ё, ю, я)

I do not understand the exact way of choosing between the following pronunciations : е : "yè" or "è" Ё: "yo" or "o" Я: "ya" or "a" Ю: "...
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Which letters will possibly have stress marks above them?

I'm writing a program that does many things, but one thing it needs to do is remove stress marks above Russian letters if there are any. Can someone tell me if these are all the letters that I will ...
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Are there any common words with the syllable "кы"?

Some time ago a Russian academic visitor told me that there are no "normal" Russian words with the syllable кы. He said that the only words with the syllable кы are proper names given by non-Russian ...
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The cases where "о" is pronounced as "a" [duplicate]

I'm working on Russian pronunciation and I have come across a couple of words containing letter о. зовут is pronounced as zavut хорошая is pronounced as xaroshaya There are lots of such words where ...
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Why do some people pronounce "о" as "a" and some just pronounce "o" as "o"?

It makes no sense to me; when I'm listening to Russians on YouTube they all do it either way, another thing. If I choose to do most of my o’s as a’s will there be others who don't still understand me?
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