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How to say "work out" in Russian

I want to say: "Let's work out together." There is a girl I see sometimes in the outdoor gym in the park I work out usually. I helped her to adjust some of the equipment and now when she sees me she ...
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3 answers

How you say 'afterthought' in Russian?

example I: Then I remembered, almost as an afterthought, to add clove and cinnamon. (edited) example II. The vice presidential candidate tends to be a bit of an afterthought. google translates ...
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When to use which with "есть"?

Lets look at these 2 sentences: у нас есть / We have. что вы хотите есть? / What would you like to eat. (In both of them the word "есть" is used differently). I'm confused as for the use of "есть" ...
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Один из + enumerated parts of different genders

What would be the best way to render this sentence in Russian so that it doesn't become clumsy and tautological? This is one of the main services and features of the product. The problem here is ...
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