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To add to other users' extensive answers, I would note that the syntactic relationship of the profane phrase to the rest of the sentence is not clear and might as well be absent. A lot of Russian profane structures are not per se parts of the sentence — they are discourse markers. In such cases, they relate to the whole sentence, rather than any part of it, ...


This means, literally, "fuck you, cunt". The entire phrase you are citing has multiple orthographic errors, by the way.


Ёпта is a lax rendition of ёб твою мать (literally, "(I) fucked your mother"), which can serve as an interjection or a filler phrase in quite a variety of cases. "Ёпта мохнатка" is a colorful variation on this theme. It's a filler phrase which might be translated as "for fuck's sake" or "fuck me". It's a set phrase ...

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