The song in question is Прятки by HammAli And Navai, that phrase is shortly after 1:50. There are two points to be noted: • most probably there is no word c there; • дозу is the direct object of дай. Although some sites (including YouTube in the link above) maintain there is c in с тобой, I cannot hear it neither there, nor in this live performance, and ...


It's difficult to interpret this phrase without punctuation. We can also normalize the word order in "Всего лишь дозу Дай себя" to "Дай всего лишь дозу себя" (Give me just a dose of yourself)


While Yellow Sky's answer seems to be correct (+1), I'll also note that the text as you have written in the question (with "с") seems also perfectly valid for me. You need just to assume that "Всего лишь дозу" actually continues the previous sentence: "Я заторчал с тобой всего лишь дозу. Дай себя..." In this case, "дозу&...


In сommon they are adverbs. Можно мне съесть это яблоко ? Можно. Можно тебе съесть это яблоко. Но нужно ли тебе есть его ? Да нужно, нужно, я вас уверяю. Понятно ли тебе это ? Да, мне всё понятно.

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