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A strong exclamation of pain would be ай, блядь or ай, бля (the shorter form of the former). Блядь literally means "whore". In the TV show "Altered Carbon", around the fifth minute into the first episode, a Russian-speaking character is using this exclamation in the same situation. A milder, PG version would be ай, сука (literally, "...


По-русски, только малышня говорит рисовать(drawing), более литературно, культурно и красиво говорить: "писать картины" painting pictures


Meaning of the question "Что он рисует?" depends on context. If you are talking about a kid, it may mean "drawing"o or "painting". But if you are talking about a professional artist, it means "What is he drawing?" only. If an artist is using oil paint, the question would be "Что он пишет?" or "Над чем ...

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