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What does в сложн. сл. mean in Russian dictionary?

"в сложн. сл." stands for "в сложных словах" ("in compound words"). For example, "трехдюймовый" - compound word (сложное слово) consisting of two words: "...
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What does м ж.-д. stands for in the screenshot below?

«м», I suppose, is for the masculine gender (мужской род) of the word, and my guess is that «ж.-д.» stands for «Железнодорожный», something about railways.
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How do you abbreviate the word "рубль" and its derived forms "рубля" and "рублей"?

How to abbreviate the word "рубль" and its forms "рубля", "рублей"? Many authors have done exactly what you propose (used рубл.), and some probably still do. The word ...
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What's a good translation for "HP" / "Hit Points"?

As a Russian gamer, I have to say there's no acceptable counterpart for HP in Russian. Even in Russian, UI developers leave HP/MP as is because, I believe, no one has ever found a non-cringe ...
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