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"То, что" or "то, чтобы"

With рискует the subordinate clause is appended with the conjunction что and assumes future tense рискует тем, что потеряет, but another way of attaching a verb is to simply say рискует потерять This ...
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Would it be correct to say that «чтобы» is simply the subjunctive and conditional form of «что»?

First, about your examples. Grammar terms do not coincide in different languages, i.e. what can be called subjunctive or conditional in English is sometimes called otherwise in Russian. What is it ...
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чтобы for connection between prepositions and verbs

Since prepositions require the nouns following them to be declined, I didn't know what change would verbs undergo, since the infinitive of a verb is not a declinable word. Nouns decline to the ...
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