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Geeky stuff - как это по-русски?

Geeky stuff - как бы вы перевели это выражение на русский? Поясняю. Это рубрика для статей о том как использовать то, чем обычно пользуются IT-шники (программисты, сисадмины и т.п. "geeks") для людей ...
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Analog of IT term “костыль” in English [closed]

I am not sure if this is a proper place to post this question, but I was unable to find any better. In software development, we tend to use the Russian word “костыль” (crutch) to denote a solution ...
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What do ")" or multiple ")))" mean in an internet conversation?

I sometimes see Russian people add some ) to the end of sentences, and sometimes even many of them: )))). I recently read: In Russian: ))))))) is a loud laugh So I wonder what it means when there's ...
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Что значит "ПО"? (What does the abbreviation "ПО" stand for?)

I see this a lot in the context of computer programs. My original guess was that it stood for something like "программа операции" meaning something like operating system (i.e. "ПО=OS"), but it seems ...
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Two-factor authentication

Is there a term in Russian corresponding to English two-factor authentication? If I want to search for Russian-language results for "two-factor authentication" what should I put into the search ...
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