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Questions requesting external resources for educational purposes such as websites, software or hardware.

The following list contains all you need to get started with Russian.


Online courses

  • Babbel - beautiful resource for language learning. They've just added new Russian courses.
  • Busuu — online language learning site. Basic profile is free.
  • Duolingo - free language courses delivered via web-based and mobile applications.
  • Edufire/languages/Russian — a site where you can try and find a teacher of Russian with whom you later connect via edufire web-site or Skype. (For-pay.)
  • Memrise — a spaced repetition learning website. It has several Russian courses. It is mainly just memorizing vocabulary.
  • — free lessons from basic level to advanced, texts with audio, grammar, activities, and much more. No Sign-up required either.
  • Russian LinguaLift — online Russian textbook, spaced repetition tools and educational games. (For-pay.)
  • Russian World — video lectures of 2 years of Russian language courses from Dallas ISD.
  • Easy Russian - regularly updated YouTube channel. Conversational Russian with Russian and English subtitles.
  • Russian FSI Course - Russian language course that was developed by US Foreign Service Institute.
  • Fluent in Russian - free audio lessons in the form of questions and answers for developing speaking and listening skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary.
  • Russian For Everyone - Russian language self study guide for beginners.


  • ABBYY, multilingual dictionary.
  • Academic, an extensive collection of Russian dictionaries
  • Gramota, grammar reference and more
  •, russian lurkmore: an on-line encyclopedia of interesting facts, focused on memes (stable ideas and expressions) of runet.
  • Multitran, great translations for English-Russian, German-Russian, and includes grammatical tables, but doesn't mark stress
  • ru.wiktionary, online dictionary and grammatical tables
  • Пиздец! - Russian-English slang dictionary | Словарь русского мата и неформального языка
  • Open Russian - English-Russian and German-Russian dictionary with examples, declension and stressmarks.




  • - vocalized works of great Russian classics and modern authors. Ruspeach website is translated in 9 languages and it is developing and improving everyday.