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Yes. Since the song is a rap about a guy approaching a girl, the slang meaning fits in nicely: You surely saw him checking you out from a distance Here is the context: Эй На тебе бандана — ты будто дочь Тупака На типе панама — он будто сын рыбака Ты спалила наверняка, как он смотрит издалека У типа для тебя бокал, у тебя для типа "пока" А я ...


The former (pre-20th century) name of the letter X was хѣръ. This word currently means penis. Похерить means to break: иди нахер means go to hell. Херово means bad. The etymology goes as follows: Initially, there was a more obscene, taboo word, хуй, with the same meaning, but later people started using the name of the letter as a euphemism for that word, ...

3 Well, the classic (usual) answer is a bit milder. — Как дела? — Спасибо, на букву "х"(хрено́во).


It's a cliché joke. — Как дела? — На букву "х", но не "хорошо" // "How are you?" "It's an f-word... and I don't mean 'fine.'" In Russian, we have the slang swear word хуёво, which means "bad", and which, like хорошо "well", also starts with the letter х.

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