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Is it becoming the norm for Russians to handwrite in block letters in informal situations?

Is it more common to see block letters nowadays, especially on the internet? For example, I've linked to a Twitter artist who (among many others) seems to handwrite in block letters in their comics. I ...
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How can I type Russian characters with accents in KDE? [closed]

I asked this question in the Unix & Linux community, where I think it is on-topic but nobody who knows noticed (and answered) it, so I am repeating it here, although I fear it may be off-topic, ...
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Do adult Russians normally hand-write Cyrillic as cursive or as block letters?

In The Netherlands, we learn to write Latin characters in cursive in school, but most adults write block letters in practice. My experience is that in other countries using the Latin alphabet, most ...
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Speech recognition, dictation in the Russian language [closed]

When I need to type in English on Word, I usually rely on speech recognition to save me the hassle of manual typing. Can we dictate in the Russian language into Microsoft Word in the same way? ...
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What are these Russian characters that aren't in the alphabet in my learning material?

I have this comic book in Russian that uses characters I don't know from my Russian learning materials. Please see my image. There are: small m и with line on top g mirrored s Which 'standard' ...
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What Russian letter is this?

Is the 4th letter a valid russian character? When I copy the above word it is automatically converted to "сведения".
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Handwritten sigma in mathematics

A year and a bit ago, I spent a semester studying mathematics in Moscow. Much to my surprise, rather than using the standard glyph "σ" to denote the Greek letter sigma, people invariably wrote a ...
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Кавычки в начале строки

Принято ли в русской типографике выносить кавычки за линию абзаца, если кавычки открываются в начале строки?
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Unbalanced quotation marks

In official letters, registration documents and common usage, one can often see unbalanced quotation marks, e.g. «Операция «Багратион», ОАО «Корпорация «Комета» — two opening quotes followed by only ...
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Russian/Cyrillic italic font

Could anyone please tell me, where I can find and download a font type of Russian italics? I haven't find any on the net so far, but I have to admit to only have looked on English and German language ...
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Cyrillic fonts imitating the look of other writing systems (e.g. Latin, Arabic) [closed]

I mean something like faux Cyrillic, but the other way round.
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Typeface vs Handwritten

I have been thinking about starting to learn Russian and one thing I have noticed is the huge difference between handwritten Russian and typed Russian. Why is there such and difference and how did ...
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How common is angle-shaped Л in modern Russian?

How common is drawing Л the way similar to Greek letter Λ in modern Russian? Does it vary depending on region?
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Why does italic 'т' look like 'm'

The Cyrillic letter 'т', when italicized, looks like a Latin 'm'. This is illustrated in the image below. The first row is the Cyrillic letter 'т', the second is the Cyrillic letter 'м', and the third ...
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Typographic weight names

Sometimes letters in mathematics are printed in special fonts (e.g., fraktur p for a prime ideal or script F for a sheaf). If I had a script X and wanted to literally say "script X" and not just "X", ...
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