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Беглый гласный звук - звук, выпадающий при склонении и изменении формы слова
7 questions
2 questions
Questions about usage of letter ё and it's replacement by letter е.
15 questions
Questions regarding the meaning, usage, formation and translation of aspectual forms of Russian verbs.
46 questions
Questions related to the correct name selection as well as about name spelling.
53 questions
Questions about the difference in meaning or usage between two or more words.
366 questions
Questions about the meaning, the origin, and the usage of multi-word expressions with more or less idiomatic or metaphorical meaning.
255 questions
Questions about verbs, both finite and non-finite forms such as infinitives, gerunds, participles. The tag covers formation, derivation, functions, usage and meaning of verbs.
236 questions
For questions about verbs of movement, e.g. ходить and ездить.
28 questions
4 questions
How the grammar works: how different forms of the same word can be used, what they mean, how they are composed into phrases or sentences. Use this tag with or without a more precise one (check out "mo…
1 question
Questions on Russian dialects and regional-specific usage
7 questions
1 question
Words that have been borrowed from other languages and that have entered the everyday use.
28 questions
1 question
2 questions
2 questions
Questions about the meaning of words or phrases that you couldn't find in a dictionary.
510 questions
Covers questions on computer-science terminology such as "What is the canonical translation for debug?"
20 questions
Questions on the history of the Russian language, its origin and changes it underwent through the centuries.
93 questions
2 questions
9 questions
Sets of words or words with specialized meanings that have to be learned.
96 questions
Questions about the scientific study of languages.
13 questions
3 4
6 7