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🌐Living in Colombia, but a citizen of the world. 🔨I am a work in progress.

From dust you came and to dust you shall return”🍃

🔭It is a miracle that I’m alive…and so are you!

(I strongly believe we only have this life to cherish and explore, to share with the people we care about, meet great humans along the way and be grateful, as for what we have…many others don’t).

About me?

I quit my microbiology degree in college, for something greater.

⛵I consider myself an active risktaker and entrepreneur. I love speed and new challenges, as well as helping others and reaching my full potential.

(⌛Time is GOLD, why waste it and your abilities on a 9to5?).

🔩I dedicate my hours on grinding via online businesses, from freelancing to E-commerce and Affiliate marketing.

(Also…I'm a healthy / Vegetarian and Vegan food blogger)

My hobbies and passions? (What I Know About).

•I have a few of them ! My hobbies Include: electric guitar playing, language learning (I currently speak: English, Spanish, French, Russian and some Mandarin Chinese), physical fitness & exercising, functional & optimized nutrition as well as traveling.

•My Interests include: animals, the environment, renewable and clean energy, alternative fuels, investing & trading (stockmarket), responsable and sustainable businesses and living, amongst others.

Want to support my work or contact me?

Maybe we have common interests, maybe we don’t…the thing is, we all have something great to offer the world, and value to add. Here are some of my projects.

💪Fitness Tips, and Supplements Reviews BLOG.

👓Active Wear Line BLOG. Get them as well on AMAZON.

🗿Language Translation Services BLOG. Also On FIVERR.

Anything you need my humble pleasure to Help !

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