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I'm data scientist, software developer, computer book author, entrepreneur. I'm director at QQ Trends, a company that solves difficult data and software challenges for our clients. Lots of machine learning, especially NLP-related, recently. (We sometimes have freelance projects, so get in touch if interested.) (Contact me at dc at qqtrend dot com: please mention you are coming from StackOverflow, so I know it is not spam.)

My first book was "Data Push Apps with HTML5 SSE", with O'Reilly, 2014 (ISBN: 978-1449371937). Old by computer standards, but the standard has been stable, so surprisingly still useful. My second book, at the end of 2016, also with O'Reilly, was Practical Machine Learning with H2O (ISBN: 978-1491964606).

I'm British, speak English and Japanese (fairly fluent, 1 kyu), with a bit of German, Chinese and Arabic. As for computer languages, I've done commercial work in most of them; but it has been mostly JavaScript, R, Python, C++ the past five years.

All my Stack Overflow and all my Stack Exchange contributions (across all sites) are dedicated to the public domain or available under the CC0 license at your choice. I don't like viral licenses.

Easy ways to irritate me on StackExchange sites (whether my own question or someone else's): 1. Downvote without a comment (N/A if someone already left a comment and you just agree with it, of course); 2. Answers in comments. Other than that I'm an easy-going and pragmatic guy :-)

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