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How to translate open-source to Russian?
6 votes

In 90% of cases, if not more, programmers would use transliterated English terms. This is what I usually hear at work: open-source => опенсорс bug => баг debugger => дебаггер In writing I would ...

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What do people in Russia say about doing some hard tedious work?
4 votes

As a native speaker, I would mainly use the word пахать in this sense. Current Russian president used this verb to describe his activity in this role: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpylRAHnpn0 ...

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Как правильно: «на GitHub» или «в GitHub»?
3 votes

Правильно на Github. Для запоминания можно применять фразу на [сайте] Github. По-русски не скажут в сайте (это звучит неправильно), скажут на сайте.

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How shall I say "star" and "unstar" (as in Github) in Russian?
3 votes

star I would tranlate as Выделить или Отметить. unstar I would translate as Снять выделение или Снять отметку. I don't see any more eloquent variants as loquacious Снять выделение or Снять отметку.

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singular or a plural verb after "и..., и ..."?
2 votes

You should use plural form of the verb here: И Россия, и Франция вxодят во Всемирную Торговую Организацию.

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Difference between "открыл" and "открывал"
0 votes

Открыл denotes a complete action. E.g. Он открыл дверь и уведел труп в комнате. He opened the door and saw a corpse in the room. Открывал denotes the prolonged action. In English it's conveyed by ...

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