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What is the Russian translation of "excited about something"?
15 votes

That's a great question. Instead of saying I am excited (now), in Russian, one tends to indicate excitement of what's to come. In other words I am excited about the party, in Russian, may sound as ...

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When is it more appropriate to use здравствуйте rather than привет?
12 votes

Whenever you're talking with your peer, you would almost always say "привет". If there is a bunch of people, in a room, amongst which are those older than you (and your friends), you would say "...

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What does "сошелся" (or "сошёлся"?) mean?
4 votes

I'd say got together is appropriate. Or connected with perhaps.

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How do I pronounce the soft sign at the end of a word?
3 votes

Soft sign has no pronunciation. The letter it follows is softened.

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How are short and long form adjectives used differently?
3 votes

Свобода - freedom Свободен - free to do something. (Also used to indicate you are free to go") When a prisoner is released from jail he would say "я свободен" or "я на свободе" Свободный - is, like ...

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Is it odd to say "До свидания" to somebody if you are unlikely to ever meet them again?
2 votes

Practice shows that it is perfectly acceptable to say До свидания regardless of whether you think you'll actually see them again. Think about it ... you can't possibly know if you'll see them again, ...

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Which is more appropriate - "просим извинить" or "приносим извинения"?
1 votes

Приносим извинения за доставленные неудобства. Can be thought of as dropping the letter into the mailbox and forgetting about it. This is a passive form of saying "yup. i screwed up. move on." ...

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What are the common responses to "как дела?"
0 votes

Assuming small talk situation, 99% of the time the response will be "Нормально все"

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