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What is the difference between что-то, нечто и кое-что?
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8 votes

что-то would be normally used when the speaker has no knowledge of what the object is, e.g.: кажется, я что-то вижу - I think I see something что-то не так - something is not right что-нибудь would ...

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Translation of "to break up" in context of human relations
10 votes

I would consider расстаться a more commonly used translation in context of dating couples (as opposed to married people): - Мы расстались.

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How can I improve my listening comprehension?
2 votes

Use the free Media Player Classic to watch some movies/shows with subtitles and slightly slowed down audio - MPC will slow down speech without making audio sound bassy.

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What does давать изюминку mean? Give a raisin?
6 votes

иметь изюминку (having a raisin) means same as salting in The book is a little dull, and needs salting with some interesting examples - "having one extremely interesting / standing out feature that ...

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Are как and вроде interchangeable when citing or listing things or examples of things?
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9 votes

No, как can't be used to equally replace вроде. In this sentence, вроде means such as, and can be replaced with a clause beginning with такое как: Там паук ждёт, пока в лову́шку не попадётся ...

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