Celal Ergün

I’ve been coding since 1990. I started programming in technical high school where I studied electronics. Coming from electronics background, I used to be an embedded software developer for years. I have developed thermal printers, speed dome camera controllers, perimeter security systems using 8051 MCUs. I have also used the electronics knowledge in our sound and image recognition systems by building low cost high performance Analog Devices BlackFin DSP MCUs. Other than that, I have also used PICs, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, STM8, STM32 MCUs in some small sized projects and hobby electronics. I can use every lab equipment since I also am an electronics technician.

I have studied COBOL in university where I studied computer programming. I left the university and established my own company. I rarely used COBOL in real life projects because I found Pascal rather more attractive. I learned C, C++, C# and Delphi during my professional life. I really liked Delphi because of its speed and ease of use with database applications. I used C and C++ in a lot of projects just because the job (and the libraries build for the subject) requires it. Later I found that C++ “has a powerful little language in it” and I really love the STL and the logic behind it. I still follow C++14/17/20 discussions on Twitter. After using Delphi for years and years, I needed a visual component framework to use with C++ and I learned to use Qt. Qt is a very clean and powerful framework that I love to work with. Also it is a cross platform framework. I have used Qt with Windows, Linux and even Symbian^3.

I used NVidia CUDA for real time video advertisement recognition system for its unmatched speed. I have designed and implemented Linux based supercomputers and recognition software using C++, Cuda C and Qt based GUIs.

Linux is my favorite OS and I try to find reasons to use it everywhere. I have adopted OpenEmbedded for the various hardware projects. I used Fujitsu PalmVein sensors for a security project and I compiled Linux kernel with the USB driver of the sensor. I know how hard it is to write “Hello World” when it comes to build embedded software.

Nowadays I am working as a team leader for a company building a SaaS system with Microsoft-stack software technologies. I am using C#, LINQ, TFS, Azure Devops, SQL Server, ASP.NET Core MVC, WCF in my daily life along with Redis and Docker. I manage servers, write code for so called DevOps tasks. I have a vast knowledge when it comes to server side software because of my experience with TCP/IP, UDP, Web Services, REST etc.