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Ryan Ward, a fourth-year PhD candidate in the Department of Genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, specializes in systems biology with a focus on statistics, bioinformatics, and bacteria. As an Hispano from New Mexico, Ryan values diversity and thrives in interdisciplinary environments, leveraging his unique cultural background to foster collaboration and inclusivity in the field.

Initially working as a government contractor assessing risk on imported products, Ryan became intrigued by the potential of data-driven decision making and automation. This interest led him to explore the world of data science, where he identified an opportunity to apply his analytical skills to the field of microbiology, ultimately pursuing a PhD in genetics.

Ryan's research concentrates on identifying essential genes in emerging bacterial pathogens, aiming to contribute to the development of novel antibiotics. He skillfully uses advanced CRISPR technology to create inducible mutants in bacterial pathogens and devises innovative methods to analyze next-generation sequencing data. Furthermore, Ryan is a strong advocate for open-source development. To support this cause, he has developed user-friendly software for programmable gene knockdown in bacteria, which he has made available on Github.

With several publications in esteemed journals and presentations at various conferences, Ryan has made a significant contribution to the field of genetics. His work seeks to improve the treatment of bacterial infections and enhance the efficiency of bioinformatics research. Ryan's unique background and commitment to collaboration make him a valuable asset to the fields of genetics, systems biology, and beyond.

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