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Defintions and Usage of "хоть"
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In all the examples of the 2nd section "хоть" means "at least". Thus: Я приду помочь вам хоть в чем-то - literally means "I'll come help you at least with something" (=maybe I can't help you with ...

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играть в футбол
4 votes

#3 sounds very-very unnatural. #2 is the best. #1 sounds a bit unnatural but still much better than #3. We don't like tautology :)

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Strange Genitive Plural of просьба: why просьб and not просеб?
3 votes

Not sure but I think that's because "просьба" is pronounced as "прозьба" ("с" becomes voiced because the following "б" is paired voiced). So if it were "просеб", "с" wouldn't become voiced unlike its ...

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Why "оста́лось" is neuter?
3 votes

When the main word of subject contains "несколько", "много", "немного", "мало", "немало", "определенное количество" and collective numbers ("двое", "трое", "четверо", etc.) (e.g., "Там было много ...

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употреблять/употребить and использовать/поиспользовать - what is difference(s) between these verbs?
2 votes

"употреблять/употребить" is about a grammatical aspect. "Употребить" is a perfect aspect (meaning that it was a single action). E.g. Yesterday I used (употребил) that f-word (I mean I did it once). "...

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ехать или ездить, идти или ходить
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The simpliest explanation: I. идти/ехать is a process. Literally - be going (by foot/by car). Я иду на работу - I'm going to work (now). Compare: Я хожу на работу - I go to work (every workday). And ...

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