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How to pronounce the second last unaccented "о" sound, as in "слишком", "самом"?
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Maybe you hear them say "с лишком" (meaning a little more than needed) and "самом" (prepositional case of "сам" meaning "oneself").

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What is the most accurate translation of "former"?
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In this certain case, you could use "ранее" - "Россия, ранее СССР". Not mentioning it is actually incorrect.

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What is the difference between друг с другом and друг другу?
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It actually depends on verb syntax. Compare: разговаривать (с кем?) - с другом помогать (кому?) - другу танцевать (с кем?) - с другом

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Swearing: "пошёл на ..." vs. "иди на ..."
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Using past tense as imperative is aggressive, offensive, and not accepting any resistance. You may understand "Пошёл..." as "You must have been already going". This form can be used in any phrase. ...

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What are some examples of special things about Russian?
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In English, you use the same verb in different tenses to specify if the action is perfect or not: I have read the book. I was reading the book. In Russian, you use different verbs in the same tense ...

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