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Can стакан сока be used here instead of сок?
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My Russian is at the A2 level, at best, and I don't know your teacher, so I don't know what reason he or she may have had for telling you that сок cannot be replaced by стакан сока, but I know why I ...

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Are words for family members (e.g., "брат," "сестра," ...) ever used as names, and, if so, is the word then capitalized (as it would be in English)?
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The short answer The short answer is “no.” Russian writers do not appear to capitalize a word for a family member even when it is used as a name. This is true whether directly addressing the family ...

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Can anyone clear up some discrepancies between rules for numeral+adjective+noun agreement for 2/3/4 and actual usage (as found through e-sources)?
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I found a couple of threads after posting this that somewhat touch on this subject. I don't know why they didn't show up for me when I conducted my initial search. I may have overlooked them. ...

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Does anyone know of a simpler way to add accents to Cyrillic vowels than what is typically found online?
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Like something on the tip of your tongue that you just can't stop thinking about, I continued to search for an answer to this. Though I never found the page that had made everything so simple, I ...

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