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27 votes

Миш, Кать, Ань, пап, мам — what is it in an address?

22 votes

What's the first person singular future of победить

10 votes

To be confused about something

9 votes

What is the Russian translation of "excited about something"?

4 votes

How are short and long form adjectives used differently?

4 votes

Established translation for "Application crash"?

4 votes

Where can I find simple usage examples?

4 votes

Etymology of "Пошел в Баню!"

3 votes

Is there a Russian analogue of British Council or Goethe-Institut?

2 votes

When and how has the word широковещательный obtained its negative connotations?

0 votes

Addressing taxi/bus driver by "шеф"/"командир" - where does it come from?