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Лысая башка, дай пирожка - what does it mean?

Лысая башка, дай пирожка - what does this saying mean? I know what it means literally, but in which situations would it usually be used, and where/how did it originate?
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"There are no people, there are no problems" - tell me what this saying is?

Someone once told me there is a saying in Russian which basically translates to "There are people, there are problems. There are no people, there are no problems" Does anyone know this saying and ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Meaning of the saying "если да то да, а если нет то нет"

Specifically if 2 people were negotiating a deal and it was almost agreed upon. Then side 1 started demanding to add a detail in the deal and side 2 was refusing this addition. Then the side 1 said ...
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"Being wise after the event" - analog in Russian?

I've found that there is a relatively known English proverb that goes like this: It is easy to be wise after the event. I'm interested, is there an equivalent in Russian for the whole proverb or ...
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What is the origin of "на обиженных воду возят"?

I've been always wondering what are the origins of this expression? I searched through the net and found few discussions on this issue: Link 1: Link 2: ...
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Etymology of "С дуба рухнуть"

The expression С дуба рухнуть means: crack up, go nuts. For example: Ты что, с дуба рухнул? Have you lost it? What is the etymology of this expression?
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What is the translation for "жить захочешь, не так раскорячишься"? [closed]

Since we seem to accept questions of the Russian-to-English format, I'd like to ask you helping me with the translation of "жить захочешь, не так раскорячишься". Which is a famous quote from a movie. ...
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