My babushka and diedushka gave me money for Christmas, and I want to write a thank you card to them. I am pretty comfortable with Russian, but how would I start the letter? And how would I end it? Also, if I say "Thanks for all the money", is that ,"Спасиво за все деньги" или "Спасибо за всех денег"? And one last thing: they recently introduced me to a new " Russian buddy" and I wanted to thank them for that as well. I would I say, "Thank you for introducing me to Igor!"

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you can keep it simple, start by Дорогие дeдушка Ваня и бабушка Аня (substitute names though), end by ваш внук [your name here]. It's better to thank them for the gift, not the money (even if they gave you the money), so you could say спасибо за ваш щедрый подарок. To thank for the introduction: спасибо, что познакомили меня с Игорем, [он очень интересный человек]. Or хочу поблагодарить вас за то, что ...


Just write:

Спасибо вам за деньги.

About "Russian buddy" Igor:

Спасибо, что познакомили меня с Игорем.

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