I want to translate some applied linguistic (and others uncommon) words from Italian to Russian which I didn't find on Internet:

  1. Pragmatic annotation
  2. Elicited from this phrase "We have chosen to analyze the questioning strategy by comparing the data of two types of task oriented dialogues. The first one is elicited through the "Map Task" technique and another with the "Difference test" technique."

elicited means extraction of the dialogue (with one of the two techniques)

  1. idiosyncratic from this phrase: "Each of us adopts strategies based on idiosyncratic characteristics and on the basis of social, cultural and situational factors."

idiosyncratic : The term can also be applied to symbols or words. Idiosyncratic symbols mean one thing for a particular person, as a blade could mean war, but to someone else, it could symbolize a surgery.

Thanks to those who will answer me

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  1. Pragmatic annotation = Прагматическая аннотация
  2. Data elicited through... = Данные, полученные посредством... (followed by Genitive)
  3. idiosyncratic = идиосинкратический
  1. Since 'annotation' refers to 'a pragmatic meaning in spoken text', and since '' is usually used in Russian academic language as a term for 'summary', I believe the terms 'прагматическая атрибуция' or 'прагматическая дистрибуция' would work better.

  2. In this context the word elicited can also be rendered by a noun выдержка, e. g. 'The first one is elicited through the... ' = "Первое - выдержка, полученная посредством..."

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