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When do you use со мной in the accusative case?

I found that sometimes in the Russian language, people use the dative case in the accusative case. Here is an example: как ты мог так поступить со мной? How could you do this to me? Here they used the ...
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Why мне всё мало is "I'm not enough" and not "Nothing is enough for me"?

At least on Google Translate, "мне всё мало" is "I'm not enough", which is something I cannot understand. Judging from other uses of the dative case and the word мне, I understand ...
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Why does this sentence use dative form?

In the following sentence: Одна из вещей, которая делает Фенча немного сложнее, - это количество неправильных глаголов. Если вы изучаете такой язык, как испанский, правила довольно просты, но когда ...
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Why is the dative used in "и красному знамени" in the Soviet anthem?

I'm trying to understand why the dative is used here (last verse of the 1977 Soviet anthem): В победе бессмертных идей коммунизма Мы видим грядущее нашей страны И Красному знамени славной Отчизны Мы ...
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What verbs require that the experiencer be in the dative case?

I recently learned the verb нуждаться (to need), and noticed that to say I need something, one would say мне нужно ..., so I is in dative case. So how come for this verb, the speaker is in Dative case?...
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Порядок слов с дательным падежом (прямое дополнение / косвенное дополнение)

В русском языке, как правило, косвенное дополнение (в дательном падеже) предшествует прямое дополнение, например, в следующем предложении: Я подарила брату чемодан. Если меняешь стандартный порядок ...
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I have trouble understanding infinitives with datives

What does the expression кому обещать эту жизнь без потерь mean? Is the subject 'кому who' even though it is in the dative case? Who can promise this life without care? or is it To who can a promise ...
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Why "по одному часу" is in dative while "по два часа" is not?

I understand why the dative is used in this sentence, given the presence of the preposition по "Я спала два раза по одному часу" but I don't understand why it's not used in the following "Я спала ...
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What should be the proper word ending of the word "посадка"

In a phrase посадку на Луну предшествовали тренироваочные полеты The ending -у of the word "посадка" does not sound right for me. What is the proper ending to use in such case?
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"dative verb" показывать and direct & indirect objects

I'm supposed to answer the following question with the word in parenthesis. Какому гостю вы показываете новые картины? (иностранный) So I see that the perfective verb, показываете, is transitive and ...
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Does обо turn into обоим in the dative case?

I recently wrote an email in which I wanted to thank to people and wrote Спасибо болшгое, оба вас. This was described as "scatalogical" by one of the recipients who suggested instead Вам обоим, ...
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When to use "у" or "к"?

I've been taught that у and к both translate to "at" (as in chez in French). "У меня есть книга" = "At me, there's a book" = "I have a book" "Я к врачу ...
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"Я учу игре на гитаре" - why "игре"?

In the following sentence, why don't we use the infinitive - играть? What is the logic behind игре? Я Учу игре на гитаре.
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не верю + Дательный падеж?

It seems in this sentence: Она не верила своему мужу. "Man" is in Dative case. Is this because he is the one the verb is "acting" upon, i.e. the receiver of the action or is it another rule, ...
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why dative case in this sentence? [duplicate]

I m studying numbers and I got this sentence Этому городу триста лет. so why the subject (this city) is in dative case? can u help me? thanks in advance
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Why use dative in "Сколько тебе лет"?

In the following sentence: Сколько тебе лет? Why do you use тебе, the dative form of ты? I think this sentence means "How old are you?" but why not say it with genitive, like: Сколько тебя лет?...
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What does dative + быть mean?

Can you explain the phrase below, why is the dative used, what is the meaning, what is the grammatical principle at play here? Ну где ему быть... For clarification the next line is: ...вон, в ...
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The usage of dative case

I had a long break (~6 months) from learning Russian and now I'm a little confused. Does {personal_pronoun}_dative + (не) + infinitve + что, for example Мне (не) прочитать эту книгу mean I must (...
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Two dative objects

I'm not sure if two dative objects are allowed in a sentence. My doubt arose while trying to say Мне нужно ему сказать, что … Here, the only way to distinguish who needs something is the order in ...
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Why/How these names have different grammatical endings: Marija - Natalija

Why/How these names have different grammatical endings: Marija - Natalija? Or do they have the same endings in Dative case? Could somebody give me all 6 singular case endings for these two names for ...
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The use of К (Dative) vs. В (Accusative)...?

In the following sentence: Мужчина идёт к дому Павла. Is translated as: The man goes to Paul's house. Could the same sentence be written as: Мужчина идёт в дом Павла. I don't really understand ...
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Dative case in subjects and titles

Why is dative case used in the following for example: месяцы в году игры на снегу There is no sentence, so how can there be an indirect object..
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